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FREE DOWNLOAD GAME Enclave (Game For PC) Full Version

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Game For PC Enclave

Enclave Game For PC Full Version

Enclave is a action adventure game for PC. the synopsis: 1,000 years agone, the Dreg’Atar armies of the demon lord referred to as Vatar had about destroyed the individualsof Celenheim. In AN act of desperation, the high wizard Zale sundered the land and created a rift around Celenheim, keeping the armies of Vatar treed. In time, Celenheim forgot the war and forgot Vatar as they went concerning their daily affairs. Now, the rift is closing, and evil threatens the land another time. AN unlikely hero, free of jail byfortuity’, should rise and fight for lightweight or Darkness, to either destroy the demon king Vatar or kill the queen of Celenheim. With Features: Protect the district within the name of sunshine or collaborate with the Dark’. Twelve unlockable playable characters that you just will equip with AN abundance of weapons and armor.

System Requirements:
*Windows XP/7/8
*Intel Pentium 4 or Better
*512 MB RAM 
* 1 GB free Space 
*64 bit 512 MB Vram
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FREE DOWNLOAD GAME Enclave (Game For PC) Full Version

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