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DOWNLOAD GAME Grid 2 (PC GAME) Repack Version

GAME Grid 2

GAME Grid 2 – Repack Version – Free Download

GAME Grid 2The game includes numerous real world locations such as Paris, numerous United States locations, and many more, and also includes motor vehicles spanning four decades. In addition, it includes a new handling system that developer Codemasters has dubbed ‘TrueFeel’, which aims to hit a sweet spot between realism and accessibility. Races do not include a first person cockpit view.The popular gamemode “Drift” was recently shown in a gameplay preview by Codemasters. For the first few seasons, there is no money, but the player will focus on fans and the WSR before money.
System requirement :
*Core i7 2.6 GHz
*graphic card 1024 MB (GeForce GTX 560 or better)
*15 GB HDD,?
*Windows Vista/7/8
*Internet connection

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