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DOWNLOAD GAME Remember Me (PC GAMES) Repack Version

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Game Remember Me

GAME Remember Me – Repack – Full Game – PC Games – Free Download

Remember Me is a Action (Third Person Shooter) game in 2013. The game is about within the year 2084, in a very futurist version of Paris referred to as Neo-Paris. The hit the books corporation has fictitious a replacement brain implant referred to as the feeling Engine (Sensen), that allows roughly ninety nine of the population to transfer and share their recollections on internet, in addition as take away sad or unpleasant recollections.This gives hit the books Associate in Nursing vast degree of management over the population and allows them to determine a police investigation state.This, in turn, ends up in atiny low cluster of rebels forming underneath the name “Errorists”: their mission is to bring down hit the books. The game begins as Nilin (Kezia Burrows), Associate in Nursing Errorist confined within the gaol fort, has the majority her memory wiped by hit the books. As she is taken to possess the last of her recollections wiped, a mysterious man referred to as Edge, leader of the Errorists and a person she solely hears over her coms device, helps her escape. Edge tells her that she is Associate in Nursing Errorist with the gift of each stealing and remixing recollections. once escaping into the slums of Neo-Paris, Nilin encounters Tommy, a fellow Errorist. Suddenly, Nilin and Tommy ar attacked by Olga Sedova, a bounty hunter chasing Nilin. Nilin dives into Olga’s mind Associate in Nursingd remixes her memory to form Olga become an Errorist ally and she or he transports Nilin to her initial destination. Arriving within the Saint-Michel district, Nilin, WHO is power-assisted by another Errorist codenamed unhealthy Request, is told by Edge to steal secret codes from Kaori Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Neo-Paris’ prime designer. once retrieving and uploading the codes to Edge, he uses the codes to open the Saint-Michel dam, flooding the district. as a result of the flood debilitating out the slums, Nilin simply infiltrates the gaol and heads to the memory servers to free the keep recollections of herself and also the inmates whereas taking down ma’am, the sadistic manager of the gaol. once defeating ma’am, Nilin releases the recollections of the inmates and part regains a number of her own. She remembers the crime that landed her within the Bastille; on a mission, Nilin remixed the mind of a hit the books commander and created him believe he had killed his girlfriend. The altered memory pushed him to kill. Lets Download Free game?Remember Me For PC Full version Now..!!!
?System Requirements:
*Windows XP/Vista/7/8
*Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 Ghz or Better
* 6 GB Free HD Space
*128 bit 512 MB Vram
*Direct X 9.0c

::::Screenshoot :::
SIZE: Only 4.2 GB

DOWNLOAD GAME Remember Me (PC GAMES) Repack Version

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