FREE DOWNOAD GAME Dynasty Warriors 6 (Games For PC) RIP Version
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FREE DOWNOAD GAME Dynasty Warriors 6 (Games For PC) RIP Version

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Dynasty Warriors 6

Dynasty Warriors 6

Free Download PC Game Dynasty Warriors 6 – RIP Version – Games For PC Dynasty Warriors 6 Free Full Version

Game Dynasty Warriors 6 is an action game (3rd-Person prespective), released November 2008, published by KOEI. This game will bring the generals name and location quite familiar to fans of Romance story, while for those who have never read or strangers with ceritar Romance of the Three Kingdoms multiple locations or characterizations are quite foreign to the ears hear. Had encyclopedia features more polished, it will definitely exciting when playing this game while gaining the lessons of ancient Chinese history. This game is also trying to tell all of the characters with a variety of perspectives during the war took place in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Dynasty Warriors this time carrying two main modes. Musou Mode requires you to finish the game with one character while unlocking the secrets that exist in the game. While the Free Mode allows you to repeat again all battle maps that have passed either using regular character or character secret…

Battles in Dynasty Warriors 6 PC Game RIP has the same concept with all the previous Dynasty Warriors. You can just fight enemies, collect musou then release it at the right time. The most striking difference in this series is, this time you can climb up the ladder to enter a castle or swimming to pass the game along the rivers. Even on some missions, two new features into the part of the story. New combo system introduced in Dynasty Warriors this time, the system was named Renbu. In the old Dynasty Warrior attacks are divided into two categories, namely, a strong attack and weak attack. All combos are created by combining two earlier attacks. In Dynasty Warriors 6, combo system Renbu replaced with a system that requires you to kill as many enemies as possible while collecting Renbu…

System RequirementsGamme Dynasty Warriors 6:

*OS:Windows XP/Vista/7/8
*Processor Dual Core 3 Ghz or Higher
*RAM: minimum 1 GB
*DirectX 9.0 or higher
*3.5 Gb Free HD Space
*128 bit 256 Mb Ram VGA


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Download PC Game Dynasty Warriors 6 – RIP Version

FREE DOWNOAD GAME Dynasty Warriors 6 (Games For PC) RIP Version

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