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GTA San Andreas Download PC Game RIP

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Free Download Game GTA San Andreas

Game GTA San Andreas

Free Download PC Game GTA San Andreas Full RIP

GTA San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a game Action, Racing / Driving made ​​Rockstar Games, Inc.on 7 June 2005. This game tells the story: The events of the game GTA San Andreas takes place in the early 1990s. The player takes control as Carl Johnson (CJ), who has moved to Liberty City to distance himself from his past as a gang member in his hometown, San Andreas. But the past was re-evaporated because he never imagined that he knew his mother was killed by a rival gang. He returned to San Andreas to attend the funeral. Realizing how corrupted local police there, see how relatives and friends need him, and CJ piun determined to avenge the death of his mother, CJ has no choice but to return to the old ways.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the fifth game in the GTA series. The basic premise remains the same: to roam in a great neighborhood “opne World”, hijack cars, and complete missions to advance the story. Game world is significantly larger than its immediate predecessor in two, covering three cities and the vast rural, with small towns, mountains, rivers, and places of interest. Interactivity with the environment has been improved, as the player character can now swim and dive, able to access every corner of the gaming world.

Missions vary in structure and gameplay, third-person shooter game became more intense, as well as a variety of new vehicles that can be used mainly among lowrider, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, planes, trains, and exotic devices such as monster trucks and jets. In San Andreas Game this you can add a lot of new activities themselves. Such as: CJ can go to the gym to improve his stamina. From time to time she had to eat – though overeating will make him look fatter. He was also able to have a romantic relationship with a female character, ask them out on a dinner, give them gifts, dating etc. Come Download GTA San Andreas PC Game RIP now.

System Requirements Game GTA San Andreas:

*Operating System: Windows 2000/XP.
*Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1.8 GHz.
*Memory: 256 Mb.
*Hard Drive: 3.6 Gb free.
*Video Memory: 64 Mb.
*Video Card: GeForce 3.
*DirectX: 9.0.

Recommended :
*Operating System: Windows 2000/XP.
*Processor: Pentium 4 2.5 Ghz or better.
*Memory: 384 Mb.
*Hard Drive: 3.6 Gb free.
*Video Memory: 128 Mb.
*Video Card: GeForce 4.
*DirectX: 9.0.


GTA San Andreas GTA San Andreas

(685 MB) – Full Version
GTA San Andreas Download PC Game RIP Free

GTA San Andreas Download PC Game RIP

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