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Smack Down Vs RAW 2008 Download PC Game

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Free Download game Smack Down Vs RAW 2008

Smack Down Vs RAW 2008

Free Download PC game Smack Down Vs RAW 2008 Full Version

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 is a fighting game called freestyle wrestling style smackdown. The game also comes with a new delivery system players smackdown, new selection of weapons including the guitar, and eight superstar fighting styles, including showman, Powerhouse, High – Flyer and more. Each player can now choose a primary and secondary fighting style. This continues the trend of legends and new arenas, like Wrestlemania 23 Summerslam and Unforgiven and classic superstars like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Register highly dependent on the platform, and several versions including wrestlers are not available in the other.

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 Season and general manager modes from previous games have been merged into the WWE 24/7 mode, which allows to create new superstars, playing as an existing or choose someone to manage. In the Wii version is called Main Event mode, and does not contain an option to manage wrestlers. There is also a new tournament mode with various challenges. Some features of the game is kind of Iron Man, Battle Royal, Hell in a Cell, Tables, ladders, and chairs match, Hardcore, Ladder, Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble. In the Wii version of the five types of games are available: Single, Tag Team, Match Up KO, Triple Threat and Hardcore..

System Requirements Game Smack Down Vs RAW 2008:

*Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
*Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.2 Ghz or better.
*Memory: 512 Mb.
*Hard Drive: 1 Gb free.
*Video Memory: 512 Mb.
*Video Card: nVidia GeForce or better.
*DirectX: 9.0c.


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Smack Down Vs RAW 2008 Download PC Game Full

Smack Down Vs RAW 2008 Download PC Game

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